October 2, 2008

2B1 Album Review by Music Incider

by Rikki O. for Music Incider Magazine, based in Atlanta

“Discrete Encounter’s 2B1 is a ride straight into the future of electronic music, complete with trippy visuals, sonic cross-dressing, and a categorical rebellion from the status quo.”

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August 28, 2008

Рецензия на альбом “2B1″ в Коммерсант Weekend

Борис Барабанов

“… Нью-йоркская группа Discrete Encounter — упорная боевая единица, действующая несколько в стороне от нынешней “русской волны” в американской музыке (Gogol Bordello, Регина Спектор, Persephone..s Bees)…” ”

Полная рецензия опубликована 22.08.08. в 32ом номере журнала   Коммерсант Weekend

July 1, 2008

2B1 Album on Dekadance Radio Show

The show is hosted by Eric (E.O.) Olsen and is aired every Friday night on KSCU 103.3 FM radio station based in Santa Clara CA. “2B1″ Album was featured on June 27th and here’s what the show host had to say :

“I came across this new release by a band I had never heard of before by happenstance recently. It looked like it might be kool, so I gave it a listen. Again, one of my blind hunches has paid off! Discrete Encounter play a great mix of guitar and synth, kind of like Synthpop with a rock twist. They have a fine, both visually and vocally, singer in Natasha Romanova. She helps add a haunting, ethereal element into the mix. According to their website it appears that DE have been around for a few years, but this is the first release I have ever come across. It appears to be self-released by the band.”

June 27, 2008

2B1 Album Review by ChickenFish

by Grog Mutant

“…Discrete Encounter is an interesting band for anybody and a must if you’re into electronica.”

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June 11, 2008

Intervew in Grooveshark Blog

by John Bauer

"Discrete Encounter could best be described as glam rock meets synth-pop - the silvery love-child of Rammstein and Imogen Heap. Founded by Natasha, a classically trained pianist, and an accomplished composer, Taras, Discrete Encounter picked up a live DJ and some killer visuals to create an electro-rock show that is rocketing to the forefront of the genre..."

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April 3, 2008

2B1 Album Review

by Marc Urselli-Schaerer

"Discrete Encounter is a NY based trio (music duo + visual projection person) who play some kick-ass female-fronted aggro-electronica, or whatever else you might want to call a powerful mixture of electronic music with heavy scratching distorted metal guitar riffs: industrial metal? electro metal?
It doesn't matter really, the point is, it is good and it is hard!
I've always been a fan of bands that mix pounding EBM/industrial rhythms & sequences and mash them up with distorted power chords and screaming guitars.
Band leader Taras Mashtalir (who wrote all the material and also occasionally sings in his low growly voice) plays guitar with the impact and sonic assault of, say, Zakk Wylde but makes sure to let the music be beat-driven and electronic to the core.
However all this vengeance's counter-part is the beautiful and soothing voice of Natasha Romanova, whose contribution will make "2B1" interesting and approchable even to fans of synth-pop and some darker music. Definitely right up the alley of fans of bands like Rammstein, Die Krupps, FLA, F242, Killing Joke, Strapping Young Lad, Oomph!, Clawfinger, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and so on and so forth.

Their newly released CD comes in a beautiful digipack art work and contains eleven tracks. "

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March 1, 2008

Discrete Encounter 2B1 Record Release

by Bruce Tantum (TimeOut NY)

"Discrete Encounter, the electroclashesque collaboration between vocalist Natasha Romanova and Taras Mashtalir, make music that would work well as the soundtrack of a Liquid Sky remake. They will be celebrating the release of the new 2B1 LP. "

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December 27, 2007

Intervew in Deathrockstar Magazine

by Eric Wiryanata

"Introduce you Discrete Encounter a threepiece rock electronica bands from New York City, here’s an interview with Taras, Natasha and Stas..."

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December 1, 2007

Discrete Encounter in New York Cool Magazine

by Elias Stimac

"Eye-Catching Band Planning a "Discrete Encounter" with New Yorkers..."

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September, 2006

Discrete Encounter in Rolling Stone, Russia

by Boris Barabanov

«Тарас Машталир и Наташа Романова, несмотря на русские корни, кажутся киберготами из японских комиксов. Тщательно выверенный беспорядок на головах, грим, готический стиль в одежде — даже вне сцены они все равно остаются в образе.
Их музыка сочетает в себе страсть, свойственную любому дуэту, где девушка поет, а парень играет на гитаре, и холодную поступь электронного бита. Выступления нью-йоркского дуэта Discrete Encounter выглядят так, словно это родившиеся не в синтетические 80-е, а в эпоху Интернета, iPod’ов и рока с приставкой «ретро».
Discrete Encounter увлечены минимал-техно, на концертах их «разогревают» диджейские сеты в стиле электро, а пресса все равно сравнивает их с рок-командами вроде YeahYeahYeahs и The White Stripes.»

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May, 2005

Discrete Encounter

"Discrete Encounter creates crisp, chic electronic music, merging glam rock with electronica in a serious and sexy direction that picks up where electroclash's ironic 80's stunts paused the genre a couple of years ago.
Discrete Encounter maintains the technoid melodiousness of groups like Lamb and Olive while releasing the sweaty, kinetic, rock n' roll energy of other rockers like the YeahYeahYeah's and The White Stripes.
Intriguing, subtle, yet entirely accessible, Discrete Encounter sounds like everything the right downtown night is all about."

Etomie Entertainment, Detroit


Discrete Encounter was formed in 2003 by a composer/producer Taras Mashtalir and a singer/songwriter Natasha Romanova.

Taras is a classical guitarist turned electronic music producer who began professional recording and performing in Moscow and St. Petersburg before moving production to New York. His work also includes audio installations and soundtracks for independent films and animations.

Natasha is a trained vocalist with the degree in classical music. Prior to US she performed in Ukraine and Russia on national radio and TV. Besides writing lyrics for Discrete Encounter, she is a prolific published writer of poetry and prose.

Discrete Encounter also include Visual Projectionist, Stas, who brings an extra dimension to their live show.

The band has been collaborating with different DJs including Roman S, Animaltek and now their current addition DJ Plexus. Renowned in the New York underground scene, he brings an additional sound design to DE live. DJ Plexus usually spins his own DJ set after a DE show, so that dancing and celebration continue long into the night.


Natasha Romanova - vocals
Taras Mashtalir - vocals, guitar
Stas Mashov - live visual projection
Featured DJ - live sound design


2B1              Album   March 12, 2008
One Day       EP       April 5, 2006
I Will Be       EP       September 5, 2005
Remixed        EP       March 5, 2005
Poles Apart   Album   January 1, 2005
If Only          Single   September 29, 2004
On                Album   September 1, 2002

The releases are distributed by Apple iTunes, Napster, BeatPort etc.
through Elektrosila Records and Believe.